Microsoft Introduces New features to Windows 10 & Windows Defender

Microsoft has introduced a slew of new features in a recent patch to their Windows 10 product. The major push appears to be defending against Ransomware attacks, an attack that generally involves a take-over of the victim’s machine and encrypting the contents of the hard drive, locking the victim out in exchange for a ransom. These attacks are a relatively recent phenomena and have begun costing users, corporations, and even governments  lost time and money in recovering their data and lost work. A list of Microsoft’s new features:

  • Changes to Microsoft’s Edge browser to harden it against Flash-based attacks
  • Invested into machine learning and heuristics to protect MS Email-based products
  • Investments in their cloud infrastructure to promote signature detection and updates
  • Added feature labeled “Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection” as a post-breach response

Microsoft also included a short list of recommended steps users can take to protect themselves, including comprehensive and secure off-site backups, keeping machines patched, and keeping your security service up-to date and activated.