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Tuesday, Aug 3rd, 2021

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“Kindness and the Positive Side Effects:
Soft Skills for Cyber Professionals to be Successful


Pamela Churchill
IT Specialist – Positivity Coordinator, DISA

Kindness and the positive side effects
• Small simple actions on your part expand happy chain reactions
• Noticing little things – not just the large items
• Responding when someone expresses kindness to you [just in case it rarely occurs]
Choosing to stay positive even when things are not looking good
• Reminders of ‘it could be worse’ can be funny – and lighten the mood
• Not letting the negative personas run the show; interruptions with kindness can shift everything
Asking if someone else is OK – and talking about why [really good to balance the situation] Questions for the audience:
• What is your last initiation of a kind/positive work memory? What made it special?
• When was the last time you received kind/positive treatment? What was unique and memorable?
• How would you handle a meeting that is running near the negative cliffs of insanity?

Ms. Churchill is a positive natural communicator with nearly seventeen years of professional Information Technology experience. Experienced IT Consultant proficient in supporting Agile systems engineering life cycle projects in Federal and private sector. An outstanding business analyst known for coordinating complex system integrations and transitions. Proficient in assessment, design, and implementation of IT Service Management Processes and technologies. Specializing in using collaboration as a method to overcome traditional communication barriers, to enable a tight focus on the project at hand. She is a process and systems analyst; working with business and technology teams to bring the big picture together.

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