The Hampton Roads ISSA Chapter meets on the first Tuesday of every month, beginning with networking and pizza at 5:30. Announcements, Business Meeting, and Speakers from 6:30-8:00. Any deviations will be posted.

Upcoming Meetings:

  • 1 September – John Bos, Maritime Vulnerability Overview
  • 6 October – Matthew Harvey (AWS) COVID 19 and Cyber Security
  • 3 November – Darren Cathey (LogRythm) Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)
  • 2 December –  Allan Jenik (Securis) Leverage NSA in the destruction of data
  • 5 January – TBD
  • 2 February – TBD
  • 2 March – Elections

Katherine Escobar ( if interested in presenting a topic

Past Meetings:

  • Dustin Sievers (Defense Security Service), DSS in Transition: The Changing Face of Procedural Compliance
  • Carl Elsinger (Duo), Dan Bowden (Sentara), Staying Ahead of the Security Challenges in Healthcare
  • Kevin McPeak (Symantec), Internet Security Threat Report
  • Allan Jenik (Securis Demonstration), Tom Paulk presented an article on Bitcoin, John Bos presented on Obfuscation
  • Special Agent Marshall Ward presented Cyber Security Awareness and Best Practices
  • Mike Young from Bastille presented on Wireless Security
  • Mark Minasi presented on Data Harvesting using PowerShell
  • Evan Larsen presented on Cyber Security
  • Jake Ahlgrim presented on PCI-DSS and security in the Payment Card Industry
  • Drew Epperson presented on “Best Practices in Securing C4I and Critical Systems”
  • ISSA Hampton Roads Christmas Party and Election – Aberdeen Barn in Virginia Beach
  • Charles Tate presented on Physical Security
  • Kevin McPeak will be presenting on “The Five W’s of Mobile Malware: Examining the Who, What, When, Where, and Why & a Discussion of What Can Be Done About It”